This is the age of information. Video has become an integral part of every communication strategy across sectors. Quality visual contents have become imperative for proper communication and effective promotion of ideas. Therefore, with an aim to empower individuals to produce effective visual content and to advance change through film making, Bikalpa – an Alternative in association with Everest Policy Institute and support from Atlas Networks, Samriddhi Foundation & Accountability Lab, is introducing the Liberty Film School Workshop.

When it comes to platform of information, Social Media have taken the Justify stage and the number of people having access to internet and media equipment are increasing dramatically. But many haven’t been able to realize the power these instruments possess and how they can drive change in the society. Still, many have been able to use this same power of camera to spread mis-information in the form of fake news, propaganda and hate. Therefore, Bikalpa is looking for individuals who can counter these narratives by effectively utilizing the true power of camera. If you want to become one of those change makers using camera, then Liberty Film School Workshop could be just for you.

Liberty Film School Workshop is a residential film-making workshop that is going to be held from 28th of December 2018 to 1st of January 2019 (13-17 Poush 2075) in Youth Development Center (YDC) Itahari. A maximum of 24 interested participants will be selected for the workshop from different sectors. Selected participants will be charged Rs. 1975 as a registration Fee. The workshop will consist of 5 days of indoor training followed by another 5 days of field training. The indoor training will help participants to learn the basics on various aspects of film-making while the field training will provide the participants the raw experiences of filming in a team. By the end of the workshop, a total of 4 short movies in different categories will be produced by the participants and screened on January 2018.

Note: This workshop is open for all young and aspiring individual between the age of 18-29 who want to learn film making, understand public policy issues and raise their voice through visual Media. We encourage participants to bring DSLR/cameras and laptop (not mandatory). They can also work in a team with their friends’ equipment during the workshop. These participants will get first-hand experience in the field of film making; we will also provide them the certificate, t-shirt, handout, stationary, food, accommodation and the platform to showcase their film at the end of the day. Participants are liable to bear the cost of travel by themselves.

The core objectives of Liberty Film Making Workshop:

  • To enhance the participant’s understanding on film-making and help develop a holistic approach to film making i.e. identifying issues, developing concepts, pre-production, production and post production.
  • To enhance the participant’s understanding on public policy issues and equip them with skills required for sensitizing targeted stakeholders and general people.
  • To make the participants realize the true potential of visual media in fostering progressive change.

This workshop will be divided into three parts:

Part 1: The class-based film-making workshop will run for 5 residential days featuring several key film-making concepts delivered in different sessions from various resource persons.

Participants will be divided into 4 teams upon the completion of the training and will complete their final film-making project based on the concepts selected from the various idea pitched during the training.

Part 2: At the end of day 4, each group will start working on their film project on 4 different themes relating to the issues of public policy.

Part 3: After completing their project, the completed projects will be screened in front of a large audience; these videos will be shared through the social media and used for advocacy tools and educational purposes.

Where :

Itahari, Nepal

When :

28 Dec, 2018 - 1 Jan, 2019

Registration :

NPR. 1975/-*

What’s Included:

Program, Food & Accommodation (5 Days)


Program Components are in English & Nepali

Are there any Scholarships?

No, it's already a subsidized program

Deadline for Applications:

20th December, 2018

Participant Intake


*The fee (non-refundable) is payable upon selection. Further details will be communicated later.

Suman Rai: 9842051153 / Samrat Thapa: 9816358424