For a long period of time, governance in Nepal has remained highly centralized. The situation has become worse as the local election have not taken place for the last sixteen years. However, after the restoration of the democracy through the second people’s movement, big debate has taken place with regards to federalism as a decentralization approach. With country moving forward towards federalism and power decentralization in near future, we see it as an opportunity to bring up local issues from the eastern part of Nepal, which is known for having a vibrant business and industrial economy. There are many organizations that work on different social issues in the region, but hardly any of them are working on to solve the issues through entrepreneurial approach. Realizing this, few of we decided to start up a Think Tank in Biratnagar, and work at grassroots to promote and spread the ideas of freedom, prosperity, rule of law and accountability through empowering and engaging people. The organization seeks to develop a culture that favors individual and economic freedom, in spheres of personal lives and policy issues through research, education and civic engagement. Established in 2014 and registered as a non-profit, the organization mainly focuses its working area in the eastern part of Nepal.


Bikalpa- an Alternative envisions a Nepal where rule of law is supreme and all citizens can have an equal opportunity to prosper in their own country and enjoy their rights to life, liberty and property.


To protect the individual rights of Nepalese citizens and advocate for policies that increase economic freedom through research, education and public engagement.


Educate and sensitize people on issue of rule of law, civic leadership, accountability, individual and economic freedom.
Raise a voice to hold the authorities accountable to create a just and prosperous society.
Conduct research, publish, disseminate and explore alternative solutions through market led approach.
Establish a resource center to encourage learning and discussion on ideas congruent to the vision of the organization.
Promote the Idea of entrepreneurship and open market economy.