Working for a social justice, basic human rights and environmentally sound and prosperous society.


We are concerned and we work towards women empowerment which not only helps women but it helps in the development and growth of our society as well. Being a social organization, our aim is to bring some positive changes towards our society and improving the livelihood of every girl and woman.

We believe that every single woman should be empowered. But unfortunately, many of them don’t even get their basic rights like medical treatment, education, employment opportunities and a required status in the society. Therefore, our main aim is to empower women by facilitating them with all kinds of basic services

Bikalpa Organization stands for a woman’s right, stands for woman’s equality and fully supports women to start their life with dignity and conviction. We want every single woman to be treated as equal to the man whether in terms of rights, status or getting freedom. All we want is the reduction of inequality that still exists in our society.