Working for a social justice, basic human rights and environmentally sound and prosperous society.


Know More about our Strategies

Organization Principles

  • Participation
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Gender Equity and Social Inclusion
  • Professional competency
  • Environmental and cultural sensitivity
  • Coordination and synergy building

Strategic Approaches

  • Realistic planning and community need assessments
  • Participatory Planning and Promoting Innovations
  • Collaboration, partnership and local resource mobilization
  • Mainstreaming Children, HIV/AIDS and Disability
  • Promoting awareness and effective communication
  • Building community capacity and empowerment
  • Social mobilization

Collaborating with Government

  • BIKALPA has a cordial relationship with stakeholders and the beneficiaries. It has worked with number of agencies over the last ten years. It has worked with INGOs, NGOs, GOs, CBOs and bilateral agencies. BIKALPA’s increasing partnership with increasing number of agencies is due to its good relationship with them, the value of partnership BIKALPA puts to, BIKALPA’s work with them and the results it reflects.


  • Through our community level initiatives, we value the power of community in influencing their own change and therefore, we are confident of establishing our good relationship.


  • BIKALPA has been working jointly with DDC and other government line agencies at district level as well as VDCs and other VDC level government bodies. There have been many joint initiatives in construction and awareness raising in most of the projects implemented by BIKALPA. While preparing proposals, we seek written commitments from these VDCs and DDCs.


  • BIKALPA has been separately working in the Project called Local Governance and Community Development Program supported by UNDP and DDC in 7 VDCs of Nawalparasi district. This has been an important recognition of BIKALPA by district government line agencies.

Fundraising Strategy

Fund for organizational development will be collected from members of organization, government and non-government organizations and cooperative institutions conducted by BIKALPA.

Organisational Structure

General Assembly (GA) of BIKALPA consists of 48 members. Being the NGO, Executive Committee (EC) elected by the GA is the governing body. The EC is comprised of 9 members.