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Major activities

Major activities Done in past year

BIKALPA has got following outputs from close coordination and partnership with several government, non-government and private companies since establish year.

Women Empowerment for Disaster Risk Reduction

Sustainable Economic Empowerment through milk production and livestock development Program

  • Awareness on Disaster preparedness 
  • community disaster preparedness plan was prepared &  compared with VDC level develop plan 
  • Advocacy & facilitation for  implementation of District level plan 
  • Volunteer mobilization during emergency
  • Emergency management fund Promotion
  • Livestock group promotion and sustainable to product of milks.
  • Establishment of milk collection center & 200 livestock farmers are involved on Milk market promotion.
  • Coordination with financial institution such as Bank and Cooperative for the investment to entrepreneurs on less interest.
  • Livestock premium started to minimize risk recover on livestock.
  • Two people has got risk recover incentive Rs.70500 from livestock premium who cattle has died.
  • Regular technical support and consult.
  • On the government channeled resources are maximum used.
  • Maximum used government resources.

Community base microfinance program


  • 1276 member are involved in 60 group they smoothly conducting saving & credit they have changing their behavior now.
  • On the basis on Group decision Rs.32 lakhs is invested on livelihood/income generating activities.
  • Saving & credit policy formation & implementation.
  • Discussion on Group and Awareness of cooperative management.

Sustainable Economic Empowerment for Development Program-SEED

  • PRA ( Participatory Rural Appraisal )  and HHs ( House hold survey )
  • 37 groups through need assessment and analysis
  • Cooperative management & Group strengthening campaign
  • For development of milk production, business improvement and development training, shed improvement training, livestock premium, promotion of grass and technology.
  • To increased Coordination and   linkage on deferent  resources 
  • To increased capacity of goat farm, pig farming and shed support of goat.
  • Skill development training and market promotion
  • To promotion of milk collection center.

Local Governance and Community Development Program-LGCDP

  • On the seven VDC 63 ward citizen forum  formation and implementation
  • Power and Poverty analysis
  • co-operation and coordination development
  • Reflect class conducted

Strengthening Accountability of Human Rights Monitoring, Advocacy and Awareness Campaign


  • AWC committee formation , secretarial committee established , human right case monitoring 
  • Past cases monitoring and reporting
  • Regular social dialog
  • Capacity buildup of Human right sector man power
  • Advocacy on legal treatment and free services
  • Delegation , regular dialog