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Mission & Vision

Overview of our Organization

Organizational Overview


To empower indigenous people, women, davits and marginalized communities so that they could increase access to better education, health and optimum income generation.



Empowering marginalized people to improve their lives through economic and social programme and local/external resource mobilization in coordination and partnership with its stakeholders.   


Reduce inequality and injustice.


Working for a social justice, basic human rights and environmentally sound and prosperous society.

Norms and values


People centered participatory development

Equality and Social Justice

Network and Membership

  • Accountability Watch Committee (AWC) Nawalparasi and Lumbini
  • Disaster Preparedness Network Nepal (DP-Net)
  • Badhipidit Sarokar Manch [BSM]
  • Mahila Paravi Manch [MPM]
  • District Disaster affected people network [DDAPN]
  • Gandak Sarokar Samuha [GSS]
  • Digobikas ka lagi Samudaik Sanjal [CNSD]
  • WE CAN Alliance
  • National Disaster Management Network of Nepal (DIMANN)
  • District Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Network, Nawalparasi (DCCAM Network)
  • NGO group of climate Change Network
  • Right to Food Network-RtF
  • Right to Information-RtI
  • Local plan of adaptation (LAPA)
  • National Campaign for Education (NCE)
  • Bandh Sarokar Rastriya Manch Nepal