Working for a social justice, basic human rights and environmentally sound and prosperous society.

Organizational Information (History)

BIKALPA is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit-making social organization established in 2000 under the Association Registration Act 1977 (2034 BS) of Nepal. The main aim of the organization is to promote sustainable development through enhancing self-help capacity of economically poor and socially back warded and excluded indigenous people, women and dalits. It comprises of diverse and experienced team of members. It works in partnership with governments’ organizations, national non-government organizations, international non-government organizations, private and community based civil society organizations as well as donors at local, national and international level.


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Empowering marginalized people to improve their lives through economic and social programme and local/external resource mobilization in coordination and partnership with its stakeholders.

Working for a social justice, basic human rights and environmentally sound and prosperous society.

To empower indigenous people, women, dalits and marginalized communities so that they could increase access to better education, health and optimum income generation.


  • To create opportunities for better livelihoods through networking and coordination with concerned stakeholders.
  • To build capacity in order to conserve natural resources and DRR preparedness with mitigation systems that they could reduce the effect of climate change and risk of disaster.
  • To advocate for the rights of women and child so that they should have a life of dignity with gender issues.

Climate Change and DRR, Community Health and WASH, Education and Livelihood

What We Believe

We believe in humanity. We believe in achievement, success, and advocacy for those who have fallen. We have values, dreams and we strive hard to achieve our goals and i.e to put an end to poverty, illiteracy, homelessness, and to feed those who are unable to feed themselves. We believe in education for a Culture of Peace, which deserves and requires resources. We believe in sharing love and wisdom. We believe in doing the right thing for others. We believe in doing well. And we believe that everyone deserves a quality care and should be accessible to all.

“All we want is to make everyone’s life a little better!”


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