Opening Market & Promoting Entrepreneurship

Opening Market & Promoting Entrepreneurship

Bikalpa-an Alternative conducted the “Workshop on Opening Market and Promoting Entrepreneurship” in collaboration with Namaskar Hotel Management School Pvt. Ltd & Atlas Network, targeting the college students in Biratnagar. The objective of the program was to educate and trained young people on the issue of entrepreneurship and open market. The program was conducted at the premises of Hotel Namaskar, Biratnagar, who provides the venue support.

There were discussions around the topics. Why is Nepal Poor? ” Why is Entrepreneurship Important to the Society”  “The beauty of Market” ” What are the qualities of Successful entrepreneurs? How are entrepreneurs perceived by the general people and the media? What are the conditions that promote entrepreneurship?  ” Seven Principles of Public Policy” The program was facilitated by Mr. Basanta Adhikari and Mr. Sarwagya Raj Pandey. Every session was very interactive and participants shared their understanding during the interactions and group work presentation. The session also included a fun physical activity and group work.

The program provides valuable insight to the students that ultimately it is trade, market and entrepreneurship which brings an economic prosperity to the country. The program also makes students realize that prosperity and poverty both are the creation of good and bad policies. If we want to raise the economic status of the individuals and of the country, we need to focus on sound an economic policy that creates an environment where entrepreneurial activities can flourish. 23 participants took part in the program from different colleges. The program was started at 10:15 am (10th August, 2019th  Saturday 2019 ) and ended at 5:30 pm after the feedback collection and certificate distribution.)

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